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Election Results:

Officers and Board of Directors, 2018-2019
Elected May 15, 2018
President                       Eleanor Montagna (clarinet)
Secretary/Treasurer        B.J. Novitski (cello)
Ex Officio                     Richard Long (conductor)
                                     Alex Zunterstein (concertmaster)
Board of Directors        Linda Ague (flute)
                                     Amey Herman (violin)
                                     Doug Heydon (bass)
                                     Chet Peterson (conductor emeritus)
                                     Dan Powell (percussion)

Financial Statement

What are we rehearsing May 22? (Two-hour rehearsal, 7-9pm)
    Prelude and Fugue, all
    Saint-Saens, all
    Shostakovich, all
    Pirates, all
    At 8:30pm, strings will rehearse Concerto Grosso; winds can do sectionals

Can your chamber group play at the concert on June 3? There will be room for one or two small ensembles on the program. Talk to Richard about this right away.

Listen to our pieces on YouTube:
    Prelude and Fugue
    Pirates of the Caribbean

Time to pay spring term dues. As usual, $30. For exceptions and how to pay, see the Dues section.

Our next fundraiser. We'll have another pizza party on June 5, two nights after our last concert for the season. Mark your calendars! Give flyers to friends! Let's end the year in the black. For more: Special fundraising event.

Announce your next gig on our website!

ESCO elections May 15. Would you like to get involved in guiding the orchestra? Consider joining the Board of Directors! The Board is an advisory group for the conductor, and it is light duty; we meet infrequently, about once every two months at a time amenable to all. Most Board members also volunteer for various projects such as publicity, grant writing, or other fundraising.

In May we’ll elect new officers and Board members. The positions of President, Treasurer, and Secretary will be on the ballot. For job descriptions, please refer to the Bylaws in the Members menu on our web site. If you think you might be interested in one of these positions but are not sure, contact anyone on the current board: <> to get your questions answered.

To throw your hat in the ring, e-mail the Secretary, BJ Novitski <>

Inclement Weather  If the Springfield Public Schools are closed due to bad weather, we will not rehearse. When in doubt, check back here.

Missed Rehearsals:  If you are going to miss a rehearsal, please let Richard know ASAP.  Thank you.