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Concert Start Time Changed

The March 17 concert will begin at 4pm. Notes about arrival times and other details will be distributed at the Feb. 19 rehearsal.

To Practice for next rehearsal, Feb. 19:

Rossini: 249 to the end
Star Wars: IV, V, II, VI
Danny Boy

Vivaldi Rehearsals

Winds may leave early when Vivaldi begins:
Feb. 26 8:00 - 8:30
Mar. 12 8:30 - 9:00

Money Matters

About half of you haven’t paid your dues yet this term. Please do so right away. If you can’t remember if you’ve paid, please ask me. For more information: Dues page. The primary use of dues income it to pay for our conductor’s fee. Please don’t let us have a shortfall this term!

B.J. Novitski, cello
ESCO Treasurer

Heads Up!

The Springfield High School Orchestras will host their annual Orchestra Festival on Friday, March 8, and will be looking for volunteers. Put it on your calendar. I’ll have more information for you soon.

End-of-Term Pizza Party! March 19, 5:30-7:30

On the Tuesday after our winter concert, we’ll have another fundraiser/pizza party at the Coburg Road Papa’s Pizza. They will donate to ESCO 50% of the value of the food you purchase any time that day. From 5:30 to 7:30pm we’ll have our own private dining room. So plan to come and enjoy some social time with your fellow players. This has proven to be a very effective fundraiser for our orchestra.

To qualify your purchase for the 50% donation, you’ll need to take a flyer. Copies will be handed out at a rehearsal ahead of time, and you can also download a pdf from the Special Event page of our website. This offer is good only at their location at 1577 Coburg Road, Eugene.

From the Board President (Eleanor Montagna in the clarinet section)

Here is your end of 2018 multi-tasking challenge: as you polish your bowing or tonguing, your mind is free to think of someone to invite to our concert. Extra credit if the person can hear, double credit if the person is under 25! Our next concert will be an evening performance, but we are seriously considering an afternoon performance for our winter concert. Let your Board know how you feel about that!

Board members include:

Linda Ague, flute
Amey Herman, violin
Doug Heydon, string bass
Richard Long, conductor
Eleanor Montagna, clarinet
B. J. Novitski, cello
Dan Powell, bassoon
Alex Zunterstein,violin

Principal Players

Designated by Conductor Richard Long:

Alex Zunterstein, Concertmaster
Amey Herman, Assistant Concertmaster
Judy Spearin, Principal Second Violin
Rena Segebartt, Principal Viola
BJ Novitski, Principal Cello
Doug Heydon, Principal String Bass
Karen Fielder, Principal Flute
Barry Jarvis, Principal Oboe
Eleanor Montagna, Principal Clarinet
Patricia Moore, Principal Bassoon
Amos Heifner, Principal French Horn
TBA, Principal Trumpet
Don Dixon, Principal Trombone
Dawn Jeffries, Principal Percussion

Principal Player job description:

* Assign seating within the section, being sure to rotate players around so they can hear what the orchestra sounds like from different positions and so they can get to know each other better.

* Manage sheet music, keep extra copies, make more if needed, and generally make sure everyone has what they need.

* Maintain communications within the section and recognize any problems in the making

* Allocate solos

* Act as “den mother”: welcome new members, set up a sectional phone tree, plan sectional rehearsals.

Announce your next gig on our website!

Five Keys To Success
1. Arrive no later than 650 p.m., set up your area and warm-up.
2. Have a pencil and use it.
3. Respect the rehearsal process by refraining from talking.
4. Clean up your area when we are done. We are guests.
5. Practice. Be prepared.

Inclement Weather  If the Springfield Public Schools are closed due to bad weather, we will not rehearse. When in doubt, check back here.

Missed Rehearsals:  If you are going to miss a rehearsal, please let Richard know ASAP.  Thank you.