Current Repertoire Notes

Fall Repertoire

March of the Meistersingers by Richard Wagner (arr. by Herfurth)
Sleepers Awake by J. S. Bach (arr. by Brubaker)
Hungarian March by Hector Berlioz (arr. by McAlister)
En Bateau by Claude Debussy (arr. by Isaac)
West Side Story Selection by Leonard Bernstein (arr. by Mason)
Farandole by Georges Bizet (arr. by Stone) (Encore)

Metronome Goals (Modified November 6)

Wagner - Quarter note = 108
Bach - Half note = 72 (conducted in 2 beats per bar)
Berlioz - Half note = 88 (conducted in 2 beats per bar)
Debussy - dotted quarter note = 60 (conducted in 6 beats per bar)
Bernstein - Tempos are indicated in the parts
Bizet - Allegro deciso - quarter note = 92
Allegro vivo - half note = 92 (conducted in 2 beats per bar)

Extended notes by Mike Ponichtera