News from the Board of Directors

Concert Start Time

After discussion, the ESCO Board has decided to leave the start time at 7:00 p.m. for the December concert. Other start times, including afternoon times, will be considered for the March and June concerts.

ESCO Board of Directors Meeting

Oct. 8, 2018, 4:30pm
961 Taylor St. Eugene


Richard Long, Conductor
Alex Zunterstein, Concertmaster
Eleanor Montagna, President
B.J. Novitski, Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster
Linda Ague
Amey Herman
Doug Heydon

Concert timing

We began with a suggestion that at least one concert per year be in the afternoon instead of evening. This would accommodate children and seniors who don’t like to drive at night. Richard will ask the Springfield High staff if this might be feasible.

Regular Board meetings

Despite Dan Powell’s suggestion that we set regular Board meeting dates, we decided to keep things as they have been: we’ll meet on an as-needed basis, most probably on late Monday afternoons, and try to maximize e-mail as a medium for simpler questions. Actual face-to-face meetings may be rare. Amey pointed out that two weeks into the Fall Term would be a good time to all get together.

Section leadership

Most of the discussion was about section leadership. Richard pointed out that a leader is not necessarily the strongest player in the section. He will come up with a list of the people he thinks should take this role and meet with leaders after rehearsal some time soon. Ideas for job description:

* Assign seating within the section, being sure to rotate players around so they can hear what the orchestra sounds like from different positions and so they can get to know each other better.

* Manage sheet music, keep extra copies, make more if needed, and generally make sure everyone has what they need.

* Maintain communications within the section and recognize any problems in the making

* Allocate solos

* Act as “den mother”: welcome new members, set up a sectional phone tree, plan sectional rehearsals.


Amey suggested that we make and sell T-shirts as a fund raiser. The company No Dinx [] will design and print shirts for as little as 4.99 each. Board members suggested using a logo, composer portraits, clever music phrases, etc. Amey will come up with some suggestions for how to proceed.

Annual Meeting, May 15, 2018

Election Results:

Officers and Board of Directors, 2018-2019
Elected May 15, 2018
President                       Eleanor Montagna (clarinet)
Secretary/Treasurer        B.J. Novitski (cello)
Ex Officio                     Richard Long (conductor)
                                     Alex Zunterstein (concertmaster)
Board of Directors        Linda Ague (flute)
                                     Amey Herman (violin)
                                     Doug Heydon (bass)
                                     Chet Peterson (conductor emeritus)
                                     Dan Powell (percussion)

Financial Statement


ESCO Board Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2018, 3pm
961 Taylor St., Eugene

Members present: Amey Herman, Richard Long, Eleanor Montagna, B.J. Novitski, and Alex Zunterstein

We discussed format and content options for our future concert programs. They will contain: logo, listing of pieces, player names, donors/thanks, upcoming events, history, contact info, and request for donations. Amey will work up some sample formats. It may be one page folded, maybe 8.5x14, maybe with an insert for notes about the pieces.

We set the board election for May 15. Eleanor has agreed to run for president, and B.J. for secretary/treasurer. Amey and Linda will run again as board members, and Chet Peterson and Dan Powell will be invited to run as well. Richard and Alex will continue as conductor and concert master. Others will be invited to nominate themselves. The board will prepare a slate.

No news yet about whether we’ll receive any funding from our grant application to the Springfield Arts Commission. (We subsequently learned that we did not receive any.)

We now have the go-ahead from John Hidalgo to post audio clips of our last concert on our website. BJ will ask Michael Eisenman to provide his audio files.